Dr. Anthony Salvatore Honored for His Work

Dr. Anthony Salvatore, Chair of the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences and Director of the Speech Language Pathology Program has recently been honored by the Texas Education Agency-Region 19 for his outstanding contribution to the health and wellness of students in the El Paso region through the services offered to area high school athletes in the Concussion Management program.

He received special commendations from Congressman Silvestre Reyes, Senator Elliot Shapleigh and Mayor John Cook at an awards ceremony held on August 28, 2009.

The Concussion Management research program offers a pre-exposure screening program for high school athletes. In cases of concussion or head injury experienced during sport participation, athletes are then offered a more specific diagnostic follow-up program, in collaboration with their team and family physicians and area neurologists.

By monitoring performance and progress compared to baseline measurements, the research team can advise athletes and their health care providers as to how to minimize risks of re-injury and help guide decisions to permit an athlete’s safe return to participation based on objective data. This innovative research program, housed in UTEP’s Speech Language Pathology program, has screened hundreds of UTEP and El Paso region high school athletes. Please join me in congratulating Dr. Anthony Salvatore on his success with this program and this well-deserved recognition for his valuable work!

Revised on 6/10/2013